There's more than one Way to be a handyman...

Effective Marketing through SEO Copywriting, Web Design and REVIEW SITES (LIkE YELP).

I have 5 solid years of tried & true marketing experience in the home improvement industry and formal training in psychology and writing.

I run my own handyman business so know what works and what doesn't.

I know how to implement a game plan that increases performance and strengthens client relations.

My challenge is balancing the marketing budget with my staffing. Plenty of work and no one to perform it!

I'll give you a free consultation on how to get more business and if you want to go further, I'll help you design your ticket to more calls, emails, and inquiries.

My approach is simple, but profound:

Use the power of the internet wisely to represent your skills to your ideal customer base.

Focus on fully utilizing free and budget-friendly online platforms before dropping big money on advertising.

Customer service through prompt service.  I'll show you how to maximize communication without being a slave to your phone.

How do we do this?

SEO Mindset - Share the details of your business with great copywriting 

Simplify your online presence while magnifying it through visual elegance.

Immediate gratification for customers through quick reponse methods.

Consultations on best practices in every corner of the self-employed life.

For an idea of what I can do for you, check out my business website here

can your Home Improvement Service, construction or Contracting Business Level-UP with an online makeover and marketing blitz?

Upgrade your game today

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