A Little History

     I was living in Reno, Nevada in 2017 when I decided to give the home improvement service industry a try.  With a little will power, a few years of minor experience working for others and some amateur luck, I began advertising myself as Mystic Crow Handyman Service and later Nick of Time Handyman. 

     I quickly gained traction and a good reputation and have replicated my simple business plan as I've traveled the country searching for the right spot to settle down. 

    It's been a wild ride and we've been blessed to keep a 5-star Yelp status everywhere - from Reno, Nevada to Richmond, Virginia and Central Arizona to East Tennessee. I even spent a summer traveling coast-to-coast stopping in random towns for work.  In addition, I've done bathroom plumbing deep in the Himalayans of India and masonry work on the gorgeous coast of Northeast Brazil!

     We have a couple excellent employees and business is blessed.  We're showing gratitude by moving forward with faith. 

     I hope you'll decide to work with us, so we can improve that valuable and sacred space you call Home.

Yours Truly,
Nicholas John Mazzoni

Nicholas John Mazzoni


Thank you for your interest in J W Handyman.